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Do you want to be part of a fast-growing legal tech scale-up? At Privacy Valley we believe that compliance with the law should not be complicated. We focus on developing legal tooling that makes privacy compliance a walk in the park, so our customers can focus on what they do best, their business.

Our Accelerator is a state of the art software platform to manage privacy compliance. It gives real time insight in privacy status, tells our users how to resolve any issues and guides them intuitively towards compliance. We put our customers in control.

We are looking for business minded Privacy Counsels with a strong background in data protection, security and privacy. You will collaborate with a team of privacy, marketing and sales professionals in building and further developing the Accelerator platform. In addition, your role is outward facing. Continuously supporting and improving our service to customers and resellers in using the Accelerator Software and helping them with any remaining privacy issues and GDPR implementation.

What are we looking for?Privacy Management Software privacy valley accelerator privacy tool privacymanagement data bescherming eu privacywet compliance

“Privacy Expert and Innovator”: For our team of legal experts and innovators, we’re looking for people with a thorough understanding of privacy laws and technology. You want to be the best in your field of expertise. You feel comfortable building and innovating the Accelerator Platform and equally comfortable advising our clients who range from start-ups to international corporations. For our senior role we are looking for a minimum of 4 year-experience in the field of privacy in private practice or in-house. Experience in internet/digital companies, fintech or health-tech is an added bonus.

“Entrepreneurial and innovative bright minds”: Do you have your own ideas about what a legal-tech company should be? Maybe you’ve thought about launching your own company but you’re not quite there yet? Do you have a curious mind, and do you feel excited about the prospect of working in a fast-growing company where your expertise really can make the difference? We want to talk to you!

“Customer journey builders”: You understand that privacy laws make organizations uneasy. Not complying means they risk a big fine, reputational loss. It’s all very unpleasant. Our product is all about getting our customers back in control. What makes you happy is guiding our customers there.

Languages”: A good chunk of what we do is in English, so your English should be quite good. The same is true for security, you needn’t be a security expert, but you should understand security practices and you are comfortable speaking Security.

9-5 attitude”: Absolutely, sure, we want to get stuff done, be passionate about your work, but equally important, be passionate about yourself, your friends, family, cooking, sports, whatever makes you tick, and we know it’s not just work.

What we offer

  • A team of both seasoned and junior privacy lawyers, marketing and sales people to work with. We strive for a legal team of 5-6 lawyers, who like to bring out the best in themselves and each other.
  • The opportunity to grow with us and make your mark.
  • Attractive remuneration package.


Privacy Management Software privacy valley accelerator privacy tool privacymanagement data bescherming eu privacywet compliancePrivacy Valley is a fast-growing business so there is a lot of room for personal development. We’ve learned that the best ideas to make our product easier to use, prettier or more robust can come from anyone. Our clients, our founders, our interns, our marketing people…. So we encourage our people to contribute to our business in every which way they can. Interested? Please contact us: or give us a call +31848844538


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