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accelerator toolkit softwarePrivacy Valley has developed an efficient toolkit to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Accelerator Privacy Toolkit. All our knowledge and experience is built into this GDPR Toolkit. Our privacy management software is unique in allowing you to map and test all the privacy/ GDPR aspects within your organization and to meet all the requirements of the law. In addition, the 10-step privacy compliance plan instructs you how to use the GDPR Toolkit. It helps you to measure where you stand and stay on the right track towards privacy compliance. Feel at ease knowing that you are completely compliant and nothing is missing.

Privacy Valley, Privacy simplified

GDPR Checklists for all privacy issues with built-in advice.
Dossiers with easy to use checklists to assess and remedy privacy matters.
Dossiers with easy to use checklists to assess and remedy privacy matters.
GDPR Checklists for all privacy issues with built-in advice.

Accelerator Privacy toolkit

Everything to comply with the new privacy laws.

10-step program

Our Accelerator Toolkit includes a 10 step program to become GDPR compliant. Use the GDPR checklists for all parts of your organizations privacy compliance. Answer the questions in the checklists and follow the built-in advice. Build a Register, run a DPIA, analyze your HR or marketing department. The powerful dashboard, the reports, our templates and the document generator do the rest. The Accelerator Toolkit guides you towards compliance.

Project Management

The Accelerator Privacy Management Software includes a 10-step program that will guide your organization towards Privacy Compliance. The Accelerator supports your privacy project management. Gather all your privacy information in one place. Users can add comments and documents, assign tasks, and share internal and external checklists. The Accelerator Toolkit allows you to collaborate with suppliers and customers and meet any GDPR accountability requirements.


The dashboard provides instant insight into your organizations privacy compliance. The filters allow you to deep-dive into applications, locations, people, systems and business units and processes.


For each part of your privacy compliance program, you can automatically generate reports with GAP analysis and step-by-step recommendations to address any risks.


With the Accelerator Privacy Toolkit you can easily create a privacy register as required by the GDPR (including a data breach register and requests from stakeholders). Naturally, our privacy experts ensure that the register complies with applicable laws and regulations.


Create your own privacy documents, policies and contracts with the automatic document generator and our templates. Easily create solid documents based on best practices and years of legal experience.

Privacy calendar

The calendar function provides an overview of outstanding tasks, so that responsible employees remain within specified deadlines for addressing privacy questions or risks.

Updates & support

We provide regular updates improve the software and the functionalities and update them with applicable laws and regulations. For support questions you can always contact us.

Implementation & training

We also provide implementation and training. Ensure your employees and other stakeholders are completely aware of what they need to do. We will help you to ensure you are completely satisfied and know how the Toolkit works.

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