Accelerator starter

Quickly gain insight in your organisation’s privacy status

  • Organisation scan in max. 3 months
  • Access Checklist EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR)
  • Support from privacy expert
  • Management report with status, risks & actions
  • 1 User
starts at € 1.500

Accelerator advanced

Manage privacy compliance yourself

  • Dedicated Accelerator Saas environment
  • Interactive Dashboard, Calendar & Tasks overview
  • Unlimited access to all our Checklists
  • Create Custom Checklists
  • Generate Privacy Documents
  • Audit Register data breaches & privacy compliance
  • 1-3 Users
price per request

Accelerator commercial

For organizations providing professional services like law firms, accountants, legal outsourcing firms, ICT & security consultants.

Use the accelerator commercial to support your clients’ privacy needs.

  • all Accelerator functionalities
  • 1-10 admin Users
  • collaborate with clients by sharing compliance Checklists & registers
  • access to Privacy Valley content library on an easy ‘Pay per Use’ basis
price per request
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privacy accelerator


Startup – standard: complete setup of the Accelerator software environment, including setting up the interactive Ddashboard, Calendar & Tasks section and 2 hours of online training.

Startup – complete: complete setup of the Accelerator software environment + 1 GDPR Roadmap analysis plus a scan of 2 applications or business processes of choice.

Extra User: additional User who has access to the dedicated software environment in the Accelerator.

Application or System scan: detailed analysis of an application, system of business process with regard to whether it meets the minimal legal criteria of the EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR).


Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer (privacy officer) ‘on demand’. Sometimes your organization has a burning issue or a small project that requires temporary assistance by a privacy expert. Imagine a solid data processor agreement  for an important client, a privacy scan for a new supplier that offers its services via the Cloud, or a newly developed product that processes and stores customer data in India. Privacy Valley has its own experts and partners with a few world class Legal outsourcing parties to provide Accelerator trained privacy experts.

training & seminars


Our privacy training aims to empower employees to identify privacy issues and avoid risks, which creates an active awareness that fits your organization’s risk profile. We avoid difficult legal mumbo jumbo but instead provide practical and easy to use insights how to incorporate privacy into your day to day activities.

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