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Quickly gain insight in your organisation’s privacy status

  • Organisation scan in max. 3 months
  • Access Checklist EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR)
  • Support from privacy expert
  • Management report with status, risks & actions
  • 1 User


Manage privacy compliance yourself

  • Dedicated Accelerator Saas environment
  • Interactive Dashboard, Calendar & Tasks overview
  • Unlimited access to all our Checklists
  • Create Custom Checklists
  • Generate Privacy Documents
  • Audit Register data breaches & privacy compliance
  • 1-3 Users


For organizations providing professional services like law firms, accountants, legal outsourcing firms, ICT & security consultants.

Use the accelerator commercial to support your clients’ privacy needs.

  • all Accelerator functionalities
  • 1-10 admin Users
  • collaborate with clients by sharing compliance Checklists & registers
  • access to Privacy Valley content library on an easy ‘Pay per Use’ basis